Our Services

We believe in exceptional client service and support. We believe in the best possible care for our companion animals. We believe your time is valuable and you shouldn't be needlessly kept waiting on the phone or in the hospital. We believe your money is hard earned and should purchase reasonably-priced veterinary services and products. We believe you have a right to understand, whenever possible, what is going on with your animal, how we are addressing it, and why.

When you've visited with us, please tell us about your experience and how we can improve.

Holism starts here! Healthy animals are happy animals! Happy animals have happier owners. (And happy owners are probably healthier themselves in consequence!) Our mission statement" is "Whatever it takes to keep, or make, the animals healthy." And that's what we do. Our integrated/holistic approach takes all the stuff our own physicians have been telling us for years--good nutrition, appropriate dietary supplements, regular exercise, a nurturing environment--and applies it in the veterinary arena. Starting with the young animal, the goal is to build a strong machine that will be as resilient as possible to the rigors of 21st century life. When things go wrong--traumatic injury, infection, or disease--we'll consult with you about the most appropriate treatment or combination of treatments for your companion animal's problem and identify a plan that fits with your animal's needs, your budget, and your philosophy and preferences. And should that lead us to areas that are outside of our expertise, we'll help you find a specialist who can take over the case.

Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available. The veterinarians and staff at Haw Creek Animal Hospital are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat or ferret will receive high quality care at our hospital.
  1. Acupuncture
  2. Alternative and Integrated Medicine
  3. Anesthesia
  4. Behavioral Medicine
  5. Birds (Avian Medicine)
  6. Dental Care
  7. Emergency and Critical Care
  8. Digital Dental Radiography
  9. Fully Stocked Pharmacy
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  11. Laboratory
  12. Microchipping
  13. Nutritional Counseling
  14. Oncology
  15. Pain Management
  16. Parasite Prevention and Control
  17. Puppy and Kitten Care
  18. Rabbits and Small Mammals
  19. Digital Radiography
  20. Reptiles
  21. Senior Care
  22. Surgery
  23. Ultrasound
  24. Vaccinations
  25. Wellness Exams