Haw Creek Animal Hospital

Haw Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service facility with a reputation for affordable and compassionate small animal care. We work with dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rats, pocket pets and other small mammals, as well as other exotics and large animal species that can be transported to the hospital. And we see everything from wellness visits to "routine" medicine and dentistry, to urgent care and emergencies during our regular business hours. Dr. Sinclair may also suggest or be willing to consider acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, or other "alternative" modalities.

Many, if not most, surgical cases can be treated on an outpatient basis. We do have the capacity to hospitalize sick or injured animals, although cases requiring overnight care will probably be referred to a local 24-hour emergency hospital. Very limited boarding is also available, primarily for pets with special medical needs.

The hospital has a welcoming and comfortable reception area and waiting room, 3 exam rooms, a well-equipped surgery, and in-house laboratory and radiology. We hope your wait won't be long, but complex cases, walk-ins, and emergencies can conspire to ruin the best laid plans. So we'll try to keep our reception area interesting. Morgan, the clinic cat, and our resident chinchillas will keep you entertained!
Reception Area
  • Mon-Sat: 8:00am - 11:00pm
  • Sun: 3:00pm - 11:00pm
  • !!! After Sept 4, 2022 !!!
  • Closing at 5:00 Friday and Saturday
  • Closed on Sunday
  • Dr. Sinclair and Turtle at Hopkins

    Heather K. Sinclair, DVM

    Dr. Heather K. Sinclair was introduced to clinical practice on both small and large animal patients as a technician for a small animal hospital and an equine surgical facility. Dr. Sinclair entered private practice as a veterinarian in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she continued her education by working with exotics and native wildlife.

    Dr. Sinclair has had a long-standing interest in the non-Western modalities that have been practiced for years (or centuries) and she has progressively adopted those that make sense or that appear to work. During her tenure in Ann Arbor, she deepened her interest and expertise in these "alternative" modalities and developed her approach to integrating alternative and complementary modalities with conventional Western medicine approaches. On relocating to coastal Maine, Dr. Sinclair's medicine began to focus more on small animal patients, including routine wellness visits, internal medicine cases, emergency and critical care, and a variety of surgical procedures. In addition to seeing the practice's own patients on an emergency basis during and after business hours, she also worked as a relief veterinarian for a nearby emergency clinic for small and exotic animals.

    In 2005 Heather moved to Asheville, NC where she purchased Haw Creek Animal Hospital in East Asheville. Here she continued to practice an integrated approach to veterinary medicine and continued to learn, gain more experience, and to expand her repertoire.

    Dr. Sinclair has particular interests in acupuncture and other complementary modalities, oncology, geriatric care, and nutrition. A graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, she also holds a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. She is passionate about animal welfare and provides safety, love, and food for a large number of rescue animals, both at her home and her hospitals, and she travels abroad to developing countries to provide pro bono veterinary care to dogs and cats. An accomplished horsewoman, she competes in 3-day eventing and dressage.
    DVM: Tufts University
  • Dr. Feiler

    Cindy Feiler, DVM

    Dr. Cindy Feiler has been a member of the team at Haw Creek Animal Hospital since 2003.  She graduated from Cornell in 1999.  She enjoys caring for all your furry pets including pocket pets and rabbits.  Dr. Feiler also loves providing wellness care for all ages from kittens and puppies to geriatrics.  “One of the best parts of my job is that I still get to see something new every day!”

    When she is not at Haw Creek Animal Hospital, you can find Dr. Feiler hiking, scrapbooking, cooking and spending time with her family.  Her husband, Alan, is a family physician so between the two of them, they care for the entire animal kingdom!  Her family is completed by two teenage daughters, their dogs Yofi and Shilo, and their cat Twilight.
    DVM: Cornell University
  • Cathi Holden, DVM

    Dr. Cathi Holden has lived in western North Carolina most of her life.  She knew she wanted to be a veterinarian when she began working in the kennel at Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital at 14 years old.  Over the next 5 years, she worked as a veterinary assistant and receptionist.  She graduated summa cum laude from NC State University and was in the second graduating class of North Carolina State College of Veterinary medicine.  She enjoys time spent with her significant other, Rob, her sons, and grandson going hiking, swimming, biking and playing games.  Dr. Holden shares a house with 2 dogs, a cat, a snake, and 2 rats.  She owned a practice in Hendersonville for 15 years and has worked at Haw Creek Animal Hospital since 2014.
    DVM: NC State
  • Lesley Hughes

    Lesley came to us from an emergency hospital in Pennsylvania. She is originally from North and South Carolina and spent her summers in the mountains.  She became a technician due to her love for animals. Her father and grandfather were avid wildlife photographers and her mom was a school teacher.  Lesley loves working with rescue organizations and fostering kittens and puppies.  She has a great pyrenees rescue named Connor, three rescued orange kitties named Buzz, Fang and Grizzly and a horse named Rose.  Her dream is to win the lottery and start her own rescue and sanctuary.
  • Lexis Warren

    Lexis has had a passion for animals since she was a little girl and was so excited when the opportunity arose to work in a veterinary medical setting. She feels that this is truly where she is meant to be. She has been working as a veterinary assistant for over a year and is currently attending Penn-Foster to obtain her RVT. Lexis moved from western Maryland in 2010 and is proud to call Asheville her home. She loves taking care of her rescue cat Luna, two horses  horses named Katie and Maya, and the love of her life, a rescue dog called Oliver. In her free time, she enjoys singing, horseback riding, painting, drawing, golfing, and spending time with her friends and family.
  • Paulina Muttillo

    Paulina is a transplant from Boca Raton Florida where she recently trained as a Firefighter/Paramedic after working with animals for 6 years.  Asheville called to her and she answered! Paulina loves hiking and camping in the mountains. 
  • Emily Hembree

    Emily moved back to the mountains from Washington state in 2015 and currently lives with her partner and their four furries. She is in the 2019 class of the Veterinary Technician program at AB Tech and aspires to specialize in zoology. Emily has traveled around the U.S. as well as several parts of Asia. On her free time she can be found hiking, fostering, and traveling.

  • Andrea Herrera

    Being an Asheville native, Andrea joined the Haw Creek family in 2018. It’s one of her greatest passions to be working in the veterinary field helping animals. When she’s not working, she enjoys taking long hikes with her energetic lab mix, traveling, and photography.
  • Angela Rose

    Angela can usually be found at Haw Creek’s front desk. She is a new member of the team, but she’s not new to working with animals. A reptile specialist, she has over two decades of experience, both professionally and personally, working with exotics. Since moving to Asheville in 2012, she has expanded her repertoire to include caring for dozens of venomous snakes, working with crocodilians, and rehabilitating sick and injured reptiles of all sorts. She currently has over a dozen species of animals, including an eleven pound tegu, dwarf monitor lizards, a few dozen geckos and other lizards, various snakes, a tortoise, and three sugar gliders. You can see much of her menagerie on Instagram, where she can be found as dreamsindirt. In addition to her previous work with animals, Angela has worked in technical support as well as in creating exhibits for zoos, museums, and nature centers. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where she studied ceramics and sculpting. Some of her work can be found at Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville.
  • Caleb Brezina

    Caleb comes to Haw Creek Animal Hospital directly from graduating as an Animal Science major at Berry College.  Caleb started out as a zookeeper before college for Elephants, Giraffe, Rhinos, Ostriches and many other African wild animals. Caleb then, as a college student, became a milk manager at the berry college dairy, vet assistant at a local vet clinic in his college town, barn worker at an equestrian center, and an academic tutor.

    Caleb absolutely loves working at Haw Creek Animal Hospital and will always be a happy face to see any time you come to visit us. Caleb’s hobbies include woodworking, hands on learning, traveling,  and always reaching for more knowledge. Caleb has three pets, an adorable dog named Zora, and two cats named River and Florence.  Caleb’s goal in life is to always make a room a brighter and happier place for all whom he can.
  • Amanda Rose

    A dog lover since as long as she can remember, Amanda is studying veterinary technology at A-B tech. She is also a musician and lives with her 2 chihuahuas and a geriatric cat. In her spare time, she enjoys watching wildlife (she has 2 sweet raccoons that visit her backyard), hiking, and reading.
  • Morgan Pear

    My name is Morgan. I came to Haw Creek Animal Hospital from Furever Friends. As the hospital supervisor, it’s important that I try to pre-taste the food bags on the shelfs for our patients' safety. You will undoubtedly notice my fancy manicure and pedicure when you are in; "they" say I have to look my best but it is my life’s mission to end this tortuous practice forever so I can scratch all the chairs and walls to my satisfaction. I am generally happy to meet all the Haw Creek clients, however, I’m still learning that birds and small rodents aren’t food. My life is perfect as long as I can get the humans to feed me on time and take my poop away with their tiny pink shovel. Rest assured (I rest a lot, it's a big part of my job) I am here to ensure that you are getting only the best service.
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    Kathryn Albright

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