Haw Creek Animal Hospital

Haw Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service facility with a reputation for affordable and compassionate small animal care. We work with dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rats, pocket pets and other small mammals, as well as other exotics and large animal species that can be transported to the hospital. And we see everything from wellness visits to "routine" medicine and dentistry, to urgent care and emergencies. Dr. Sinclair may also suggest or be willing to consider acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, or other "alternative" modalities.

Many, if not most, surgical cases can be treated on an outpatient basis. We do, however, have the capacity to hospitalize sick or injured animals. Limited boarding is also available, especially for pets with special medical needs.

The hospital has a welcoming and comfortable reception area and waiting room, 3 exam rooms, a well-equipped surgery, and in-house laboratory and radiology. We hope your wait won't be long, but complex cases, walk-ins, and emergencies can conspire to ruin the best laid plans. So we'll try to keep our reception area interesting. Fred, the clinic cat, and our resident chinchillas will keep you entertained!
Reception Area
  • Open to 11pm Every Day!
  • Mon-Sat: 8:00am - 11:00pm
  • Sun: 3:00pm - 11:00pm
  • After Hours Emergencies:
  • Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital or Reach Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Sinclair and Turtle at Hopkins

    Heather K. Sinclair, DVM

    Dr. Heather K. Sinclair was introduced to clinical practice on both small and large animal patients as a technician for a small animal hospital and an equine surgical facility. Dr. Sinclair entered private practice as a veterinarian in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she continued her education by working with exotics and native wildlife.

    Dr. Sinclair has had a long-standing interest in the non-Western modalities that have been practiced for years (or centuries) and she has progressively adopted those that make sense or that appear to work. During her tenure in Ann Arbor, she deepened her interest and expertise in these "alternative" modalities and developed her approach to integrating alternative and complementary modalities with conventional Western medicine approaches. On relocating to coastal Maine, Dr. Sinclair's medicine began to focus more on small animal patients, including routine wellness visits, internal medicine cases, emergency and critical care, and a variety of surgical procedures. In addition to seeing the practice's own patients on an emergency basis during and after business hours, she also worked as a relief veterinarian for a nearby emergency clinic for small and exotic animals.

    In 2005 Heather moved to Asheville, NC where she purchased Haw Creek Animal Hospital in East Asheville. Here she continued to practice an integrated approach to veterinary medicine and continued to learn, gain more experience, and to expand her repertoire.

    Dr. Sinclair has particular interests in acupuncture and other complementary modalities, oncology, and nutrition. A graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, she also holds a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. She is passionate about animal welfare and provides safety, love, and food for a large number of rescue animals, both at her home and her hospitals, and she travels abroad to developing countries to provide pro bono veterinary care to dogs and cats. An accomplished horsewoman, she competes in 3-day eventing and dressage.
  • Dr. Feiler

    Cindy Feiler, DVM

    Dr. Cindy Feiler has been part of Haw Creek Animal Hospital since 2004. She graduated from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. She enjoys working with pocket pets (especially rabbits), geriatrics, internal medicine, surgery, preventive care and wellness. The best part of her job is supporting the client / animal bond she sees with each patient.  On an almost daily basis, she still enjoys seeing something new.

    In her spare time she likes to hike, scrapbook, cook, and spend time with her two daughters and her husband, who is a family physician. She also likes to play with her dog: Shilo, and 2 cats,  Marmalade and Twilight Feather.
    Cornell University
  • Amy Pruitt

    Amy Pruitt, DVM, PhD, DAVCR-RO

    Dr. Amy Pruitt graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998.  She is Board Certified, specializing in Oncology.  Dr. Pruitt lives with her Boston Terrier Vincent.  An active hiker, she enjoys yoga, theater, music and dance.  Her favorite part of being a veterinarian is identifying ways to optimize her patient’s quality of life.
    NC State University
  • Bob Sinclair

    Robert Sinclair, PhD

    Bob has been managing various parts of Haw Creek Animal Hospital since 2005. He shares Dr. Sinclair's passion for animal welfare and now divides his time between Haw Creek and Meridian Animal Hospitals and looking after the close to 50 animals with whom they share their home and land.

    Bob holds a Bachelors degree (Genetics, 1982, Queen Mary College, University of London) and a PhD (Molecular biology, 1988, John Innes Institute, University of East Anglia). His research career included developing instruments for high-throughput DNA sequencing and most recently a decade-long foray into computational biology analyzing the mouse genome sequence at the Jackson Lab in Maine. Spring 2015 saw Bob moving back into genomics, working with ElectroSeq, an Albuquerque startup that is developing DNA sequencing technology and genomics applications in dogs and horses.

    In his "spare" time he is a scuba diver and Southern Highlands Crafts Guild member silversmith.
  • Kim Moran

    Kim has been with Haw Creek since May of 2014.  A dedicated veterinary technician with many years experience, Kim is also our Practice Manager, responsible for the day-to-day operations at both Haw Creek Animal Hospital, and Meridian Animal Hospital, our South Asheville location.

    Transplanted from Santa Fe via Chapel Hill, she loves living in the mountains.  With a varied background in Computer Systems Engineering, Archaeology and a long career as a Master Groomer, she loves working in the veterinary field.  Kim can frequently be found hiking or camping in the mountains with Rowan and Moya (her standard poodles) and Jamie her border terrier.  Known as the ‘Auntie Kim’ to animals, her goal is to make the sick animals feel better and keep the healthy ones happy.
  • Shannon Gibson

    Shannon multi-tasks between reception and assisting the Doctors at Haw Creek. Since 2013 she has been an essential part of our team.  She enjoys spending time with her family and doing crafts at home.  Her fur baby's name is LuLu, a sweet cattle dog mix. 
  • Chelsey Havekes

    Chelsey Havekes

    Chelsey can most often be found at our front desk helping clients.  After working as a phelbotomist for  3 ½ years, she decided to return to veterinary medicine.  A South African native she is originally from Durban South Africa but lived for many years in Denville NJ.  Chelsey enjoys crafting, caring for her exotic animal collection (she has a skink, 2 rats, multiple fish tanks, frogs, millepedes and 2 dogs) and cooking.  Everyday brings something different and mostly enjoyable at the vets office and she loves helping people and their animals!! 
  • Melissa Madrid-Odom

    Melissa Madrid-Odom

    Melissa acts as our office manager, here at Haw Creek Animal Hospital as well as at Meridian Animal hospital. She is also a Veterinary Assistant and our resident bird grooming specialist!  She has 2 degrees in Exotic Animal Training and management and has worked with animals for 7 years. 
    Married to Jeffrey Odom, who in the US Air Force, she likes to travel and has lived in Spain and Australia.  Melissa loves birding, hiking and visiting waterfalls.   Roxy the American Eskimo, Pearl the cockatiel and Trixie the Senegal parrot share her life, but she dreams of owning a Hyacinth Macaw.
  • Carol Ann Rodriguez

    Carol Ann Rodriguez

    Carol Ann is a New York City native.  Her passion for the veterinary field began when she volunteered for New York City Animal Care & Control.  Carol Ann and her husband Jason moved to Belize, Central America with their pit bull Marley in 2014.  They managed the Hopkins Belize Humane Society for a year and during that time they sheltered 2 pit bull mixes Pancake and Pacino (the same two dogs Dr. Sinclair brought back to the US and housed at Haw Creek Animal Hospital!). They moved back to the US in April 2015 with Marley and Pepper (a Belizean dog) and relocated to the Asheville area.  Carol Ann and her husband share their home with Marley, Pepper, Pancake and Pacino.  What Carol Ann loves the most about working at HCAH is learning something new each day!
  • Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez

    Jason joined Haw Creek Animal Hospital after spending one year as the clinic manager of Hopkins Belize Humane Society in Belize, Central America. Although a career in veterinary medicine was not foreseen he has never felt more fulfilled.  Jason was born in Colombia,  South America, and raised in New York city. He graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.A. in forensic psychology.  Since then, he has lived in and parted ways with the beaches of Belize and the concrete jungles of NYC and now feels very much at home in Asheville, North Carolina.  Jay is fluent in spanish and is an avid nature enthusiast. His passions include animal behavior and psychology,  hiking, biking, farm work, and long pack walks with Marley (blue nose Pitbull, NYC), Pepper (Belizean potlicker, Belize CA.), Pacino (Bully mix, Belize CA ), Pancake (Pit bull, Belize CA). The Haw Creek Animal Hospital community can rest assured that Pacino and Pancake have found a loving forever home. 
  • Lesley Hughes

    Lesley came to us from an emergency hospital in Pennsylvania. She is originally from North and South Carolina and spent her summers in the mountains.  She became a technician due to her love for animals. Her father and grandfather were avid wildlife photographers and her mom was a school teacher.  Lesley loves working with rescue organizations and fostering kittens and puppies.  She has a great pyrenees rescue named Connor, three rescued orange kitties named Buzz, Fang and Grizzly and a horse named Rose.  Her dream is to win the lottery and start her own rescue and sanctuary.
  • Paulina Muttillo

    Paulina is a transplant from Boca Raton Florida where she recently trained as a Firefighter/Paramedic after working with animals for 6 years.  Asheville called to her and she answered! Paulina loves hiking and camping in the mountains. 
  • Shelli Smith

    Shelli has been a veterinary technician for 16 years and feels this is truly her passion.  She loves working with all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to birds and exotics.
    As a life long resident of the NC mountains, she enjoys the beauty up here and feels that there is no other place she would rather be.
    Shelli has a son who is 11 and fur babies consisting of 2 dogs, 2 cats and a leopard gecko.