Labor Day 2021 - 17 years of fundraisers

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Haw Creek Animal Hospital's Labor Day Charity fundraiser in 2021 will benefit Wilderwood Equine Therepy and Rescue from our Labor Day sales. Additionally, EquiSeq, an equine genomics company co-founded by Bob Sinclair and that has Dr. Heather Sinclair on the scientific advisory board, will donate 10% of September sales to Wilderwood.
Wilderwood’s equine-assisted programs are an innovative and integrative approach designed for autistic adults and children (aged 8 and up) to strengthen authentic self-perception, self-possibility, and self-realization through mind/body interoceptive and somatic understanding combined with the philosophy of Hautism, which embraces and celebrates the innate connection between horses and autistic people.
Wilderwood also rescues unwanted horses, provides them a lifetime loving home, and educates the community about horses and autism.
EquiSeq became aware of Wilderwood when the charity agreed to adopt Lady Faith, a horse that has been part of EquiSeq's research program for several years.

Haw Creek Animal Hospital will operate our regular hours on Labor Day seeing scheduled appointments and day-of urgent care.
Anyone wishing to donate to Wilderwood can reach out directly. More about this unique organization can be found on their website at