A full-service animal hospital offering conventional and alternative medicine for a wide range of species.

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Haw Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service facility with a reputation for affordable and compassionate small animal care. We work with dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rats, pocket pets and other small mammals, as well as other exotics and large animal species that can be transported to the hospital. And we see everything from wellness visits to "routine" medicine and dentistry, to urgent care and emergencies. Described in more detail here, Dr. Sinclair may also suggest or be willing to consider acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional chinese herbal medicine, or other "alternative" modalities.

Many, if not most, surgical cases can be treated on an outpatient basis. We do, however, have the capacity to hospitalize sick or injured animals. Limited boarding is also available, especially for pets with special medical needs.

The hospital has a welcoming and comfortable reception area and waiting room, 3 exam rooms, a well-equipped surgery, and in-house laboratory and radiology. We hope your wait won't be long, but complex cases, walk-ins, and emergencies can conspire to ruin the best laid plans. So we'll try to keep our reception area interesting. Fred, the clinic cat, and our resident chinchillas will keep you entertained!


Dr. Heather K. Sinclair was introduced to clinical practice on both small and large animal patients as a technician for a small animal hospital and an equine surgical facility. Dr. Sinclair entered private practice as a veterinarian in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she continued her education by working with exotics and native wildlife.

Dr. Sinclair has had a long-standing interest in the non-Western modalities that have been practised for years (or centuries) and she has progressively adopted those that make sense or that appear to work. During her tenure in Ann Arbor, she deepened her interest and expertise in these "alternative" modalities and developed her approach to integrating alternative and complementary modalities with conventional Western approaches. (More on this holistic/integrated philosophy can be found here). On relocating to coastal Maine, Dr. Sinclair's mddicine began to focus more on small animal patients, including routine wellness visits, internal medicine cases, emergency and critical care, and a variety of surgical procedures. In addition to seeing the practice's own patients on an emergency basis during and after business hours, she also worked as a relief veterinarian for a nearby emergency clinic for small and exotic animals.

Heather has particular interests in acupuncture and other complementary modalities, oncology, and nutrition. A graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, she also holds a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire.


We believe in exceptional client service and support. We believe in the best possible care for our companion animals. We believe your time is valuable and you shouldn't be needlessly kept waiting on the phone or in the hospital. We believe your money is hard earned and should purchase reasonably-priced veterinary services and products. We believe you have a right to understand, whenever possible, what is going on with your animal, how we are addressing it, and why.

And we believe in telling people what kind of job they did, good, bad or indifferent! Click here for a feedback form you can print and mail to us or paste into your email program. When you've visited with us, please tell us about your experience and how we can improve.

Holism starts here! Healthy animals are happy animals! Happy animals have happier owners. (And happy owners are probably healthier themselves in consequence!) Our mission statement" is "Whatever it takes to keep, or make, the animals healthy." And that's what we do. Our integrated/holistic approach takes all the stuff our own physicians have been telling us for years--good nutrition, appropriate dietary supplements, regular exercise, a nurturing environment--and applies it in the veterinary arena. Starting with the young animal, the goal is to build a strong machine that will be as resiliant as possible to the rigors of 21st century life. When things go wrong--traumatic injury, infection, or disease--we'll consult with you about the most appropriate treatment or combination of treatments for your companion animal's problem and identify a plan that fits with your animal's needs, your budget, and your philosophy and preferences. And should that lead us to areas that are outside of our expertise, we'll help you find a specialist who can take over the case.



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